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The Mt. Shasta Datsun Roadsters are a group of Datsun Roadster enthusiasts who are passionate about Datsun Roadsters.  

Once a year we get together to meet with our fellow enthusiasts to catch up, share stories, share knowledge and participate in the various activities during this 3-day event.  It's a time when enthusiasts from the United States, Canada and sometimes Japan and Australia can gather and reconnect.

The Mt. Shasta Roadsters Meet is currently managed by Rochelle & Rick Tilton; Dave, Kim & AshLee Almazan; David & Britanya Homen and Phyllis Almazan.  Although this is the coordinating committee, without the help of many of our participating volunteers and our sponsors, this event would not be successful or as much fun!  We are committed to ensuring that this event is one that everyone looks forward to!

If you are new to this group, we hope you will join us at Shasta this year and every year after.  Please share this site with your friends and families!

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